What’s inside the Walmart 60W-replacement LED bulb?

“Walmart made news recently with its announcement of a sub-$10 Great Value house-branded 60W-equivalent dimmable LED replacement bulb. As the nation’s leading retailer whose name is synonymous with low prices, Walmart is one of the first places consumers look for household products like lightbulbs. So how does its new lamp perform, and what design decisions were made?”

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Esso/ Imperial Oil – Energy Efficiency Improvements

In our retail business


“We continued a multi-year program to install energy conservation technology at retail sites. To date, 125 of our largest sites have been upgraded. The automated building systems are designed to manage and reduce electricity and energy consumption. In addition, more than 85 retail sites have been retrofitted with energy-efficient outdoor lighting. All sites built since 2009 are equipped with energy efficient LED exterior lighting. We also have started a program to retrofit the exterior lighting with LED lighting systems, and to date have completed these retrofits at 7 sites.”

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