The LPI Advantage

Your time and money are valuable.  LPI understands this, and we have structured our business around LED products and services that respect both.  This is the LPI advantage.

The LPI Advantage:  Products

The array of LED lighting manufacturers and their products is vast.  But not all LED lights are created equal.  LPI devotes considerable time and effort to market research, to identify products that are reliable, efficient, and safe.  Where possible, we establish direct relationships with manufacturers, thereby ensuring we can offer their products to you at competitive prices.  And LPI offers products from only award-winning, industry-leading LED manufacturers that back their products with multi-year (usually three to five) warranties.

The LPI Advantage:  Services

LED is a relatively new lighting technology.  LPI understands this, and our services support every stage of your LED lighting project, from conception to completion.  From lighting analyses and lighting designs, to energy audits and expert installations, to incentive and financing assistance, LPI’s services are ready to assist you whenever necessary, no matter your project’s size or scope.

The LPI Advantage:  Focus

Many lighting companies treat LED as an add-on to conventional lighting.  In contrast, LPI focuses exclusively on LED lighting.  As a result, we have the resources to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market, and to identify and establish partnerships with manufacturers of the highest quality LED products.  The result:  in choosing LPI for your LED upgrade, you can be absolutely confident in having a team dedicated to ensuring the products and services you select are the ones best matched to your project’s needs.  Contact LPI to take the first step in realizing LED lighting’s many benefits.