Successful LED lighting projects require careful planning and execution.  LPI offers services to assist you at every stage of your LED lighting project, from conception to completion.  Learn more about each using the appropriate link below.


Lighting Analyses

LPI’s lighting analyses answer the questions essential to ensuring your LED lights meet your lighting needs. Click here for more information.


Lighting Designs

Take the guesswork out of your LED upgrade by taking advantage of LPI’s lighting design expertise.  Using third-party software from Lighting Analysts and DIALux, LPI’s lighting designers can verify that your LED lights deliver the light levels you need. Click here to learn more.


Energy Audits

LPI’s energy audits provide comprehensive estimates of how much money and energy your LED investment will save. Click here to learn more.


Incentive Assistance

Most hydro companies offer incentive programs that reward businesses for adopting more energy efficient lighting.  As an authorized Applicant Representative, LPI can help you obtain the incentive payments for which your LED upgrade qualifies. Click here for further details.



LPI’s installers specialize in in the installation of LED lighting products. Click here to learn how they can help take your LED lighting project from design to reality.


Scrap Recycling

Your conventional lights may have residual value, and LPI can help you claim it. Click here for more details.


Pilot Projects

When it is necessary to verify the suitability of LED lighting before adopting it outright, LPI offers qualifying clients the option of a pilot project. Click here to learn more.



LPI’s innovative financing strategies enable qualifying clients to pay for their LED upgrades with the resulting energy cost savings. Click here for further information.







Retrofit Programs

LPI’s retrofit programs focus key services on conventional light sources that are especially well suited for LED upgrades. Click here to learn how you can reduce your energy costs by up to 90 percent and reduce your total cost of lighting by up to 75 percent.