Energy Audits

Spend to save.  That’s the essence of LED’s financial impact on your bottom line.  LED products have higher initial costs than conventional lights.  Yet over their working lives, LEDs offer dramatic savings through:

  • greatly reduced electricity consumption (usually between 50 and 90 percent less);
  • reduced lamp replacement costs (because LEDs last several times longer than their conventional replacements); and,
  • greatly reduced maintenance costs (because maintenance personnel no longer need to replace lights).

Unfortunately, financial analyses of LED lighting proposals often fail to capture adequately all the savings a switch to LED generates.

LPI understands this.  Using industry-validated software along with the energy consumption and maintenance costs of your current lighting configuration, the purchase and installation costs of your chosen LED products, and the energy profiles of the LED products you choose, LPI will prepare a comprehensive energy analysis to show you:

  • your monthly and annual utility and maintenance savings with LED lighting;
  • the time needed to  recoup your investment in LED products (often 1-3 years);
  • the cost of waiting to upgrade to LED (unrealized savings);
  • your project’s internal rate of return; and,
  • the greenhouse emissions avoided by switching to LED.

Eliminate the guesswork – contact LPI for more information on our energy audits and how they can inform your decision-making.