Incentive Assistance

Government and hydro company incentive programs can cover up to 50 percent of an LED upgrade’s costs.  Unfortunately, the complexity of the necessary paperwork deters many organizations from applying.  As a qualified Applicant Representative for Ontario Power Authority saveonenergy™ Retrofit Program, LPI has the knowledge, expertise, and training to ensure your LED upgrade qualifies for the largest possible incentive payment.

Don’t let bureaucracy stand between you and your incentive. LPI can provide the administrative and technical support you need to claim the incentive your upgrade deserves. Contact LPI for more information.


Participate and Save.  Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs.

The RETROFIT PROGRAM makes is possible for commercial organizations to install and benefit from newer, more energy efficient solutions that will help you operate your business more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

Incentives are available for high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating and for installing new control systems to improve the overall efficiency of your building.

There are three ways to start conserving energy with this program.

3. CUSTOM Track

Whether your project is PRESCRIPTIVE, ENGINEERED or CUSTOM, you’ll find plenty of available incentives to help you save.

Incentive Levels:


The PRESCRIPTIVE track gives you the ease of selecting from a defined list of end-use measures that come with a corresponding per-unit incentive. Examples include upgrades to lighting, motors, unitary A/C, etc. If your project involves upgrading existing equipment, the incentive amount would depend on the type, efficiency and quantity of equipment you install.


The ENGINEERED track consists of a series of preset calculation worksheets that help you estimate reductions in peak demand and/or electricity consumption that apply to the installation of more energy-efficient equipment or solutions.

Based on the reductions in peak demand and/or electricity consumption, the worksheet will calculate the incentive amount. The following engineered worksheets are available online through the RETROFIT PROGRAM application process or from your local electric utility:

1. Commercial Interior Lighting Engineering Worksheet
2. Commercial High Bay Lighting Engineering Worksheet
3. Commercial Directional Lighting Engineering Worksheet

• For ENGINEERED applications submitted after October 1st, 2012 LED lamps and luminaries must meet at least one of the following Measurement Approval criteria: The product need to be listed on the ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial LED lighting list and/or should be approved and listed on the Design Lights Consortium List in order to apply to this track.


The CUSTOM track is available for more complex or innovative solutions not covered in the PRESCRIPTIVE or ENGINEERED track, and not on the pre-defined list. Technology, equipment and system improvements are evaluated on their demand and energy-performance. Incentives are paid after installation, and once the savings have been measured and verified.

The incentives are based on the information you provide specific to your project, including:
• A description of the facility baseline electricity use.
• A description of the equipment being replaced.
• A description of the new equipment.
• Disposal costs of old equipment.
• The operating schedule (days per week, hours per day, time of day).
• The cost of the new equipment.

Exterior lighting, exterior wall packs and street lights do not have to be ENERGY STAR qualified and/or approved and listed on the Design Lights Consortium to be able to apply for incentives under the CUSTOM track.

Available Incentives:

Prescriptive     Engineered       Custom


 Per unit incentives  The greater of either, $400/kW of demand savings

$0.05/kWh of first year electricity savings
 The greater of either, $400/kW of demand savings

$0.05/kWh of first year electricity savings

Non-lighting including lighting controls

 Per unit incentives  The greater of either, $800/kW

$0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings
 The greater of either, $800/kW

$0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings

Multi-Family: tenant education

 $200/kW of the estimated demand savings, and to a maximum of 10% of the incentives paid for the equipment replacement project.

Social housing

  •  Advance 50% of eligible financial incentive funding before project starts and after project approval by your local electric utility.
  • Gap grant funding: top up eligible financial incentive to 50% of project cost.

To participate, your project must be pre-approved. Small projects must be worth a minimum prescriptive incentive of a $100. For the ENGINEERED or CUSTOM tracks, your project must have an estimated demand reduction of 1 kW or first-year annual energy savings of 2,000 kWh. Projects must deliver energy savings for at least 48 months.

Eligibility Overview

The RETROFIT PROGRAM for Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural or Institutional Facilities is open to owners or lessees* of:

  • Commercial spaces or buildings, such as offices, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses.
  • Industrial facilities in sectors, such as food and beverage, automotive, plastics and packaging industries.
  • Institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, municipal halls and arenas.
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartments (including low income and social housing) or condominiums.
  • Agricultural facilities, including dairy, swine or poultry farms, greenhouses and nurseries.

*If you lease, you must have the owner’s consent or authorization

There are also some minimum project sizes and terms around project start dates. Also if you are an owner of social and assisted housing you may be eligible for other incentives. Contact your local electric utility to find out more.

Eligible Program Measures

Eligible measures under the program are those that provide sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and/or electricity consumption and below are some examples:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Lighting controls