Lighting Analyses

LPI’s lighting analyses use a structured and comprehensive approach to review your current lighting, identify any deficiencies, and then correct them in the LED upgrade.  Some of the key questions LPI’s lighting surveys address include:

  1. What light levels does your current lighting actually deliver?
  2. Is the quantity of light in the space adequate, or is the space too bright or too dark?
  3. Are the space’s contrast ratios appropriate?
  4. Do the light levels comply with relevant standards, such as those recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society?
  5. Would the space benefit from intelligent controls, such as occupancy sensors and daylight-harvesting sensors?
  6. Is fixture reduction an option?
  7. Can the space’s occupants adjust light levels?

By helping identify the best LED products for a space, a lighting analysis benefits even the most basic of LED upgrades. Contact LPI for more information.