Lighting Designs

You’ve taken time to conduct a proper analysis of your current lighting.  Now it’s time to determine the optimal LED products to meet your lighting needs.  LPI’s lighting design service can help.

Using industry-leading software from Lighting Analysts and DIALux, LPI constructs a  three-dimensional lighting rendering of your space to assess the suitability of various LED products and select the best matches.  More specifically, LPI’s detailed lighting designs determine:

  1. how many points of light (fixtures) your space requires;
  2. the precise locations of these fixtures (expressed as (x,y) coordinates);
  3. floor, ceiling, and wall illuminations with a given fixture layout; and,
  4. the effect of adding, removing, or moving fixtures on levels of delivered light.

This data is invaluable in validating the performance of lighting products and confirming their ideal layout.  And since one LED fixture can often replace two or more conventional fixtures, a proper lighting design is often a gateway to significant savings.  Contact LPI for more information.